James North
Producer, Engineer, Musician

James North is an internationally renowned producer, engineer and musician (drums, bass, guitar, keys).  James has his hand in all projects, and oversees the high standards that we operate at.

The FixMySong Team


Some of the people we work with:


Steve Pope

Session Drums

Steve Pope has played on countless records and is a fantastic session and touring drummer. Working with Steve will get you a fantastic result, especially in the pop and rock genres.


Danny T. Levin


Danny T Levin is a Los Angeles based brass player and arranger.  A very accomplished and sought after player, Danny has a great list of credits to his name.


Stu Barry

Upright Bass

Stu Barry is a session upright bass player.  He’s a specialist with folk, country, jazz and groove based tracks.


Darren Mathiassen

Session Drums

Darren is a renowned New Zealand based drummer who excels at pretty much all genres.  He’s unbeatable as a soul, groove and jazz timekeeper.


Sarah M.

Session Vocals

Sarah is a session vocalist who nails plenty of genres and is a great rock and soul performer.


Dean G.

Session Vocals

Dean is a great pop/soul session vocalist with a very accessible voice.


And many more …