At FixMySong, we are a team who work together to produce music based on demos that you provide to us.

There are no time restrictions or hassles- you can work with us whenever it’s convenient for you.

When you work with us, you know that the result is going to be high-end – have a listen to our examples.

We discuss your project with you at length, and our communication is clear and simple to understand.

The Process

1. Choose a Service
Choose one of our services and log in to access your account.
2. Go to Your Dashboard
Load your Dashboard to see an overview of your account.
3. Create a Project
Create a new project and tell us some information about it.
4. Discuss the Project
We’ll chat about the project and get a clear picture of what you’re after.
5. We Do Our Thing
Once we’re clear on what you want us to do, we produce/mix/play on your project.
6. We Show You Progress
Have a listen to what we’ve done, and when you’re happy – approve it.
7. Sing on Your Song
Sing on the song at home or at a local studio. If you’re purely a song writer, this is where our session singer will perform on it.
8. Final Mix
We’ll mix your vocal into our production and send it back. Shiny and new!
9. Take on the World!
We can give you some advice about how to promote your music, but the rest is up to you and your personal goals!

Your Dashboard

Our innovative system allows you to create and manage your projects with us on any device.

You can create projects, share files, discuss changes, and ask questions at any time.

Our client dashboard makes it easy to manage and discuss your projects with us



Access your project's files and details on your computer or portable device.