Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay up front?

We’re a very busy outfit, and need to filter out those who really want to work with us.  The rates we’re charging at FixMySong are much lower than the rates we work for in the industry for face-to-face work, as we believe our service should be available to everybody with a passion for music.


It’s a reasonably-priced way to get high end results.


If you’ve listened to our examples, and are happy with the sound of them, you’ll love how your songs sound!

When do I get my product?

Once we’ve received your project, we’ll set a start date that you will see in your Dashboard.  That’s when we start your project in the studio.


From that point, we discuss your project and provide you with samples along the way.  Most projects have a total turnaround of around 1-3 weeks.


If we think you’ll have a long wait for your product, we’ll let you know before you purchase anything.


If the date we provide for you is too late for you, or you have a deadline that we won’t make, we’ll refund you.


What about my copyright?

You must own the copyright on the demos you provide us first.  If we’re producing your songs from demos, you own copyright from start to finish in whatever capacity your territory allows.


You’re just hiring us to add to work you’ve already created and that’s it.


If we’re writing music for you from a vocal-only demo, or writing in the hip-hop or r&b genres, we can also provide the copyright to those works to you.


As with most real-world music businesses, we have a very basic contract of agreement that we both sign to put it in writing.

What if I'm not happy?

This outcome is extremely rare for us (it’s happened twice in about 10 years), due to the high standard we work at.


If we just plain can’t do something, we’ll let you know and refund you straight away.


We can pretty much do anything, so we encourage you to provide us with as much information as possible before we start your project. By doing this, you will ensure the result is close to what is in your head.


In the end if you can provide us with a reason why you’re not happy, and we can’t reach an arrangement,  we’ll provide you with a refund for the parts you aren’t settled with . By paying with Paypal, you’re protected as a buyer too.

What gear do you have?

Excellent gear that is really expensive!


If you’re wanting to use our service it’s because you’ve worked out that great musicians and great producers make great sound – not certain brands or pieces of equipment.  In fact, the reason our productions sound so good is almost completely down to our great ears, playing hands and creative minds.


You’ve heard our examples and they’re great. Your song will end up like that too.

Do you give discounts for high volumes of songs?

Our Full Band Production product does come with discounts for 5 songs or more. If you’re talking more than just an album – get in touch and we’ll work something out.

What is a basic master?

We can bring the level of a mix up and provide subtle EQ like a mastering studio, but we very strongly recommend you use one of our 3rd party mastering houses (in various places worldwide) if you are releasing on a label or on iTunes.


We can take care of this process, too.

What does two free changes mean?

If we play guitar on your production and it’s not the right sound or part that you’re after, we’ll play it again.


Again, this is very rare because we ask you to provide as much detail as possible before we get started. If you want to keep changing your mind because you’re unsure, that’s cool.


Some of our products offer free changes, and anything more than those included in the product are $50 each.

What if I want to play on the track?

If you are a guitar, bass or keyboard player you can provide us with your DI or MIDI keyboard pattern to be run through our high-end amps and keyboard sounds.  This is particularly useful if you have a great solo that you want to include in the track, or you’re a heavy rock/metal guitarist who has intricate parts to be included in the band’s song.


We don’t offer a discount if you play parts yourself, however, as it still involves our expertise to make it fit into the production.

How do I upload files?

Once you log in to your Dashboard, you’ll see My Files.  Just use that interface to upload files.


You can also use Dropbox if you like – that’s what we use.  Tell us your Dropbox email within your Dashboard.


There are help videos within your Dashboard if you get stuck, but our system is pretty easy to use.